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If you'd like to speak to our past clients, they would love to talk to you and recommend us. Just contact us at At Your Breck and Call.

Here are some testimonials from some of our previous guests:

Subject: Christmas Décor

Hi there! Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased I was when we arrived at our vacation home on Monday! My kids were so excited when we pulled up & they saw a Christmas tree all lit up in the window!! Brought so much joy to my family!! Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a tree. The mantle looks amazing as well! Thanks for adding that for me last minute! I was worried about being away from home considering this is the first time my kids have ever been away from home for Christmas, but you really made it feel like home. We are loving our little home away from home this week! And I wanted to say thank you again for setting everything up for us a day early!

I pray you and your family have a very Merry Christmas & a blessed 2023!

Stacy Gray

Subject: Grocery Order


Thank you so00 very much for doing our grocery shopping & delivering & unloading & putting away the cold & frozen food before we arrived! That was such a blessing. You helped me keep with my kiss (keep it simple stupid) plan as we come for our 1st Christmas with our families to Breckenridge.

Have a merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Nina Head

Hi Britany!

Just wanted to reach out an say thank you for you company’s service. It was so awesome to arrive and have everything put away and ready for us. Took so much stress off of my plate! I don’t even know how I would’ve managed all of that.

Appreciate it,

Becky Halverson

Thank you sooo much for the groceries!!! Yall did a great job and yes, we got the cheese and tortillas!
We’re so grateful for the attention to detail!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! The Sibley Family

Kasey Sibley


Thank you so much for the excellent service! After a long 12 hours of traveling, our family was thankful to walk into a kitchen stocked with cold water, fresh fruit, and our favorite snacks! Everything was delivered as ordered and we appreciate your attention to detail very much! We look forward to using your service again in the future and can’t wait to tell all our friends and family about our great experience!

Julie Ketter

"Hi Britany,

I've been travelling nearly non-stop since the vacation in Colorado so I haven't been able to email you.

I just wanted to thank you very much for assisting with our family holiday. The Christmas decorations were great and everything worked out perfectly. We all used the oxygen machine, it was very much appreciated by all of us sea-level dwellers.

The transport from the Denver airport worked out great for my sister and her family,

The big hit of the trip was the snowmobile adventure. Everyone enjoyed it, most of all my parents, both in their mid-to-upper 70's and able to ride comfortably on their snowmobile. It made them feel young again!

Thanks again and Happy New Year!"

Best regards,

Mark Boatman

Hi Brit,

Thanks so much! We tipped Kenny in cash the evening he came over. We all really enjoyed the meal and his company. He was fun to be around and talk with and the kids absolutely thought he was amazing!! We are so very thankful for such an awesome evening! Thank you so much for all of your help during our stay. We loved every minute!!


"Our trip was expertly handled from start to finish and we were able to really enjoy ourselves while Pur guide planned and executed all our activities. When plans changed, as they often do last minute with small children, Our guide never flinched and kept smiles on their faces with a can-do and relaxed attitude. They quickly changed gears, thought out new plans and our adventure and fun continued without skipping a beat. At Your Breck and Call's service and professionalism made a huge difference and provided a stress free week.

Our six year old was thrilled to go to ski school while my husband and I spent quality time together on the mountain. Both of our guides skied with us throughout the week and at times took our nanny and other two children out for activities. They were sincere, enthusiastic and easy-going, happily pulling my daughter around in a sled and running up the side of the mountain with my four year old son to sleigh down.

Our At Your Breck and Call guide are truly warm, genuine and fun tour guides. They are great people to be around and great to do business with. I can't wait to plan our trip with them for next year."

The Goodmans - New York City

"What a great trip. You truly made my girlfriends and I's trip to Breckenridge memorable! With your local knowledge we felt like we were getting the inside scoop on where to go and what to do. Thanks again and we look forward to traveling with you in the near future"

B. Hering - Tampa, FL

"Your local knowledge really made our trip. My kids had the best time, which made our vacation enjoyable "

M. Brown - Palm Beach, FL

"It will be such a treat to have everything bought and put away! Thank you so much! We are coming to ski and it sounds like the perfect conditions. Thank you for offering such a great service! Everything was perfect and we are enjoying the beautiful rose. It is our centerpiece on our table! Thank you for spoiling especially me as I usually have grocery detail. We will call again! Thank you so much!"

Helen H.

"I would like to thank you very much for the way you handled my online order when we visited Breckenridge. We had a fabulous stay and loved the skiing. To have our groceries there on arrival and placed in their rightful homes was a treat in itself after an exhausting but uneventful journey. Great touch! If we return again, we will be in touch."

Karen - UK

"Thank you, the groceries were perfect. What a great service!"

The Lorenz’s -KY

"Everything was perfect. He came back raving about how wonderful your service was. He liked having the itemized bill and the groceries waiting for him. He commented on how you had stacked everything neatly. It was so nice to have everything go so smoothly."


"Just wanted to say how excited we are to know our kitchen will be stocked with some essentials when we arrive at our -home away from home- this weekend. What a great service you are providing. We will be traveling a long way (Pennsylvania and Mississippi) so it is comforting to know we do not have to make our way to the grocery store that day."

Cammy Tidwell

"I wish you could have listened in on the phone call we received last night around 10:15 PM our time from Jonathan. They had just arrived in Breckenridge exhausted and with Julianne not feeling very well. They were worried on the shuttle ride about getting something to eat but felt too tired to go out or even to go to pick up something. Then they walked into their unit and saw what you had done. Jon begins describing a plate with snow peas and carrots and celery ... and the cake ... and champagne.

They were thrilled. You lifted a burden off them and made their first night on their honeymoon a JOY! Thank you. Thank you. Our family so appreciates what you did for them. Happy New Year to you and your family and know you made delightful young honeymooners very happy."

Elizabeth S. - Nashville, TN.

"Thank you for the service that you provided. Everything was great. We were impressed with the quality of the food. I would highly recommend your service to anyone going out there in the future. We had a great time, and although the locals were not impressed with the snow conditions, we felt they were excellent. In New England we witness ice and hardpack on a regular basis. Thanks again."

Doug Bruhm

"I really appreciate your service and the time you took to shop for our special needs. With allergies and strict diets, I know you had to go to extra lengths to shop for us. Everything was perfect! I also was grateful you could do a second shopping for us so when we came home from skiing; our food for dinner was there!! Again, thank you!"

Jodi C. Connecticut


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